iC3 Home Shot Trainer

The only at-home basketball shot trainer that combines high repetitions with proper arc shooting for improved performance in the shortest amount of time.

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Dr. Dish Shooting Machines

Dr. Dish automatic shooting machines are the safest, proven, game-like, high-repetition shooting machines in the market today. Meet the new Dr. Dish family.

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AirCAT Team Trainer

Program the AirCAT to perform just about any drill your volleyball team or players need: digging, hitting, setting, serve/receive and blocking drills.More reps in less time with greater control.

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  • We LOVE our iC3! My son is able to get in TONS of quality shots without having to track down every rebound. Using one ball, he can focus on dribble moves and form. Using two, he can get in many reps. The net is helping reinforce his arc and he enjoys it. Even though his workouts are more efficient, he’s actually working LONGER because he doesn’t have to chase a rebound which makes it more enjoyable. Assembly wasn’t too bad, putting it up and down/storing it is simple! Great product!
    Tons of Quality Shots
    Ron Gulley | Parent | Snellville, GA
  • My son loves it…it makes his workout so much faster. So far so good!
    Loves iC3
    Jeanine Esposito | Parent | Staten Island, NY
  • My son loves his iC3!!!! Everyone stops and takes pictures of him using it as well they ask where to get it. My son uses it everyday. My son’s shooting has improved and he can stay out a long time using it. Now his goal is a Dr. Dish!
    Son Uses it Every Day!
    Lisa Chapman | Parent | Dallas, TX
  • Our players love the iC3 and it has improved our shooting by teaching more arc and the girls think it is fun to use. I looked for an affordable and portable shooting trainer for a long time and your product is the best one available.
    Teaches Arc
    Dan Rud | Coach | Hayden, ID
  • Just to let you know, this is unbelievable my daughter gets in as many shots in 20 minutes as she would if she spent hours without this system. Best part now is after she completes her normal shooting routine she will not stop shooting until she hits a certain amount in a row at a different spot on the floor every workout. This product is great.
    Gets in More Shots
    Stephen Rokop- parent, Duncan,SC 29334
  • In short, we absolutely love it. We have had it up for about a week now. My son and I put it together in about 45 minutes (would have been quicker if we read the directions, but we’re guys after all. . . ) anyway, I am impressed with the simplicity and even better the sturdy construct and design. My kids haven’t stopped shooting on the thing since we got it. Thanks so much for turning me onto it.
    We Love It!
    Scott Graviet | Parent | Nampa, ID
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