Basketball Training Equipment

Three Dr. Dish Models to fit your training needs and your budget.
Dr. Dish Rebel – $3,999
The Ultimate High Rep Shooting Machine
Move up to the Dr. Dish Pro at $4,999
Adds Advanced Statistics for Player Analysis
Ultimate Machine – Dr. Dish All-Star at $5,499
Start Training your Bigs with Post-Entry Drills

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Airborne Athletics turns individual drills or team practices into fast-paced, effective basketball training. We’re talking drills, and as every coach knows, it takes a lot of time and energy to pack a practice or training program full of game-improving drills. With the introduction of basketball shooting machines, basketball practice has never been the same.

Dr. Dish Fully Automatic Shooting Machines
Safe. Proven. Game-Like, High-Repetition Basketball Training Equipment.

Our new line of versatile Dr. Dish automatic shooting machines are the safest, proven, game-like, high-repetition shooting machines in the market today.Three Dr. Dish models to fit your budget or training needs. Whether your program needs an action-packed, automatic shooting machine or step up to a fully loaded team trainer for post-entry and ultimate perimeter training, there is a Dr. Dish for you. Starting at $3,999, owning a powerful shooting machine just got more affordable.

What are the main benefits of training on a Dr. Dish?

  • Dr. Dish Net Collection System captures made and missed shots, then automatically returns the ball, allowing a player to focus on shooting and increase the number of repetitions.
  • The height of the Net Collection System optimizes their shooting arc, ensuring a player shoots at a 45 degree angle.
  • A player can improve their skills with game-like repetitions (speed, delivery and tempo).The Dr. Dish machines help improve a player’s shooting by allowing a player to get in 3X more shots, improve their handling skills and optimizing their shooting angle to 45 degrees.